Saturday, 10 January 2015

{Book review} 'New Baby' book series

In trying to help Umar adjust to soon not being the centre of the universe (ours anyway), we've been talking to him about the new baby and taking him to all the doctor's appointments and scans. He loves listening to the baby's heartbeat, not so much feeling the baby move in my belly though, 'that's freaky', he says. I've also bought books from the 'New Baby' series which are illustrated by Rachel Fuller. There are four in the series but I bought the first three as I thought they were the most relevant at the moment.
These books are simply worded, with short sentences and are meant to foster discussion between the parent and child.
    1. Waiting for baby - the first book chronicles a young child's anticipation in acquiring a new member of the family. Umar has been quoting lines from this one, especially when we're out shopping, he asks 'should we get this for baby?'. This one is definitely his favourite of the three, maybe because he's undergoing the same situation.
    2. My new baby - next, the baby has come! What does/can he do? How do we react to him? Let's welcome him to the family!
    3. You and me - baby has grown a bit and can join in and play! But sometimes he does things you don't like... A look at the interaction between older and younger siblings.
    4. Look at me! - we don't have this one but I intend to get it later on. I think this book will probably talk about how attention gets divided between siblings.
I think that these books are great in transitioning an only child into an older sibling but of course I will update this review when we're actually facing the real deal.

If you have these books, let me know if they've helped or if you have other recommendations.

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