Monday, 9 November 2015

{Recipe} Marshmallow fondant (MMF)

This is a repost from my old blog (September 10, 2009) 

Edit: I used 1 kg icing sugar to 500g marshmallows (2:1 ratio of icing sugar:marshmallow)

I was supposed to include pics and step by step instructions to make the fondant decorations I used on the previous cupcake post. If anyone wants detailed recipe and instructions, I'll gladly put them up in a later post :) Here's a photo of mini vanilla marshmallows that had to be separated into 2 containers because they came in mixed bags (I think I used 7 Betta (halal) marshmallow bags). The Big Kahuna had heaps of fun "helping" me separate them even though he did whinge I was crazy hehe.

Depending on what colours you're making, you melt it in the microwave, until just melted, add icing sugar and shortening (I used Copha) and start kneading it like crazy. When you get the right consistency, pack it up in Gladwrap, cover with good amount of Copha and refrigerate. You can add colouring before you put it away but one website says if you're making red fondant, it's better to colour it when you're using it to avoid bleeding onto the other colours.

Take it out of the fridge when you're ready, and knead again and roll and shape to your heart's desires :)

Voila! Marshmallow fondant for cakes, cupcakes, anything you fancy. Ta ra~

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