Monday, 15 February 2016

{Printable} Sink and float activity

Aiming for a quick activity, I just gathered a few (waterproof) things around the house and put them in a small TROFAST container.

We had another tray for putting the items on and two sheets of laminated paper for sorting the items.

USB filled the container with water and tested each item on their floatability (or sinkability; whichever way you prefer).

I had a rubber duckie, empty and full minty tins, a key and a cup among others.

You may take it a step further by comparing empty and filled things; for example would a an empty cup sink or float? What about a filled one? At first, you might just want to introduce the concepts of sinking and floating. Then you can talk about the science behind it.

This activity is also perfect in the bath or outside.

These are the printables to go with the sink and float activity:


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